Title: Projek PILsTM KPT-BOS Pengembangan 2 buah Politeknik dan 10 buah Kolej Komuniti Cawangan

Client : Ministry of Higher Education

Project cost: RM19 million

DescriptionStatus: On-going

PILsTM KPT-BOS is one of the programs initiated by Nation Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) unit of Ministry of Higher Education for the expansion program of 2 polytechnics for Department of Polytechnic Education (JPP) and 10 community colleges for Department of Community College Education (JPKK)  through PILsTM KPT-BOS approach under auspices Ministry of Higher Education. As Secretariat for the program, Institut Sultan Iskandar (ISI) involvement as project coordinator for both contractual and academics aspects.

The program opens up the platform of exposure in Built Environment practice to seniors and young lecturers and UA students in Engineering, Architecture and Quantity Surveyor.



List of Expansion of 2 Polytechnics and 10 Community College as below:

1. Politeknik Besut
2. Politeknik Bagan Datuk
3. Kolej Komuniti Cawangan Tanah Merah
4. Kolej Komuniti Cawangan Maran
5. Kolej Komuniti Cawangan Sibu
6. Kolej Komuniti Cawangan Kangar
7. Kolej Komuniti Cawangan Jerlun
8. Kolej Komuniti Cawangan Lenggong 
9. Kolej Komuniti Cawangan Gelang Patah
10. Kolej Komuniti Cawangan Sepang
11. Kolej Komuniti Cawangan Ajil
12. Kolej Komuniti Cawangan Kuala Nerus














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