On 8 December 2021, the Sustainability Practitioner Fundamentals Course (SPFC) was organized by Institut Sultan Iskandar (ISI) as part of the series of capacity-building under the ISI Sustainable Development Program (ISI-SDP). The SPFC comprises of modules focused on the fundamentals of sustainable development and how it is applied through various roles and functions. It also explores the application of sustainable development across sectors, and its related career options and pathways. Through this program, real-world issues related to sustainability were shared with participants and they were given the opportunity to interact through the multiple question and answer sessions.

The program was delivered by Ms. Teh Soo Tyng, a MIM-ARM Certified Professional CSR Manager and Green Industry Auditor, and Ms. Nadia Zaifulizan, a Certified Sustainability Practitioner (ICSP) and GRI Certified Sustainability Professional (GRI). The 4 modules cover topics such as sustainability overview foundations and frameworks, internal drive and external influences, sustainability in practice, and careers in sustainability.

The SPFC was created to provide practical knowledge on sustainability for those without prior experience in the sustainability arena, fresh graduates, as well as for working professionals from any sector. The overall aim of the course is to enable participants to be equipped with a strong foundation in sustainable development and to be able to apply it regardless of their roles and organizations, especially in operational decision-making.

Due to positive response from the first session, ISI will be organizing the next batch of the Sustainability Practitioner Fundamentals Course in the second quarter of 2022, thus new registrations for Batch 2 will be opened soon. The Institute would like to express appreciation to those who supported the overall program and participated in the first session of the SPFC, as well as welcome the newer participants who are interested in joining the second session in 2022. All further information will be updated via the ISI-SDP website and ISI’s official social media, thus those interested can follow these channels for the latest updates.

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