The ISI Sustainable Development Program (SDP) is ISI’s approach to ensure a comprehensive understanding of Sustainable Development through contents that include aspects of Environment, Social, and Economy while also exploring considerations of how one aspect could affect another. The ISI SDP focuses on raising awareness, sharing knowledge that contributes towards capacity building, and providing a standard towards encouraging systematic changes towards achieving Sustainable Development.

Institut Sultan Iskandar’s experience in sustainability-based projects, programs, and initiatives, are now extended to the following consulting services:

  • Sustainability Programs and Initiatives

  • Sustainability Training and Awareness Programs

  • Sustainability Performance Assessment and Report

  • Sustainability Projects and Design

  • Sustainability -based CSR Programs

  • ESG Capacity Building Programs

  • Sustainability Policy

  • Sustainable Master Plan Preparation

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 Upcoming Programs

  • Date: 7 June 2023 | 6 Dec 2023
  • Time: 8.30 am – 4.00 pm
  • Platform:  Online via ZOOM
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The Sustainability Practitioner Fundamentals Course (SPFC) are specialized for individuals who are passionate about making a difference, knowing that environmental, social, and governance factors are all inter-connected with various roles. The 4-module professional course that was organized for participants from all backgrounds and disciplines and focuses on a deeper look into the foundations of sustainable development and its fundamental elements, the application of sustainability through various roles, positions, and operations, as well as the prospects of sustainable development in terms of career and organizational process improvements.

Past Programs

Kursus Pemahaman berkaitan Matlamat Pembangunan Lestari (SDG)
Webinar series: A Brief Outlook of Operationalizing Sustainability

Program Asas Pembangunan Mampan dalam Pengurusan Tanah

Sustainability Practitioner Fundamentals Course

Webinar Series: Nature for Nature - Exploring Sustainable Environmental Impact management

Decoding Sustainability Course - Operationalizing Sustainable Development

Webinar series: A Brief Outlook on Operationalizing Sustainable Development

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