Business has transformed the world we live in, through the convenience of rapid provision of products and services, and enabling economic prosperity. Inadvertently, the rise of economic growth is hardly separate from its associated social and environmental impacts. The burden from these impacts is now affecting the potential for long-term growth and development for all – businesses and people included. Thus the best contribution is not always material or monetary – it is in the values we uphold and the actions we take.
Learn more about taking action and making a change. Lead in your own way, through your own roles and organizations. Join us on “A Brief Outlook on Operationalizing Sustainable Development”, the webinar series.
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 Is our business contributing positively to the world and its people?

In what ways can our business or organization transform for the better?

How do we initiate this change?

Join us in this specially designed course for the change-makers of this era.

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The 'Discovering Sustainability' webinar is one of the webinars organized under the ISI Sustainable Development Program (SDP). The webinar is a one-day course consisting of six modules which is made available to the public for free. The course is targeted towards audiences from businesses, institutions, and the general public. The 'Discovering Sustainability' webinar is a course focused on raising awareness on the different roles and responsibilities towards achieving sustainable development, and the actions that can be taken to kickstart the sustainability journey. The course is organized into six module segments that explores themes related to Sustainable Development concepts, environmental impacts and mitigation, stakeholders’ rights and needs, as well as practical steps towards making progress for Sustainable Development. Online admittance is limited and are on a first come first served basis. Online registration is required, and attendance certificate will be provided for audiences with complete attendance of all the modules in one day. 

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