Sustainality leadership

  • Title: SD 104 Sustainability Leadership Asian Community in Higher Education Program

    Client: AKEPT

    Headed by: Dr Irina S.Zen

    Status: Completed


    This program is a collaborative effort between UTM SDSN Chapter, UNESCO Jakarta Office, Centre for Sustainable Development, Universitas  Udayana, Universitas Mahasaraswati, SDSN Indonesia Chapter & Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia.  The objectives are to expose the HEIs leader on the complexities of preserving the cultural landscape of Bali province vis-à-vis the fast-growing development. A method of action research by a participatory workshop-based approach, multi-stakeholder discussion, SWOT analysis, co-identification of common issues related with Subak system, co-envisioning by developing the action plan and the consensus approach to analyzing the Subak system related issues with SDGs. 

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