Sustainability in Built Environment 1

ISBN 978-983-2466-11-6

The presented work displays a number of the scientific endeavours undertaken by researchers at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia on the concerns of sustainability in the built environment. The array of scientific prospects is much wider than what transpired in the previous chapters, and it must be understood that these only reflect a fragment of the issues at hand on national scale in the country. Institute Sultan Iskandar has attempted the present work as a stepping stone towards greater future endeavours in the research on sustainability.

UTM Iconic Building: Envisioning the Future

ISBN 978-983-2466-15-4

The Iconic Building is UTM’s attempt to invite the city crowd into the campus zone and blow the fresh breath of life into the secluded atmosphere that results from the predicament of its location in the map of Johor. The Building complex is designed to house all the amenities that the campus community would expect of vibrant city mall, plus the niche services particular of the community’s own nature and needs. As the name implies, the complex is designed as a monument to the achievements of the university in green technology and the human aspirations of sensitive planning; and quite exactly the principles of this monumentalism are in complete contrast to that of the human past.

A Gift To Sustainability

ISBN 978-983-2466-24-6

This book tells the world  about the MIT-UTM MSCP Five years journey and how as it was made possible by the good partnership between UTM and MIT, as well as UTM ISI and MiT CoLAB/SIC as the secretariat. It is a showcase of our roles in promoting and creating awareness of sustainable developments, reflecting our practice and sharing examples of solutions and policies that may become references and benchmarks. Sharing our successes and failures to the developing nations would reduce gap, be easier for them to learn, imitate the positive and avoid negative impacts compared to learning from the more advanced countries.

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