1. Dr. Anizan Isahak is Associate Professor in the UKM School of Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management, where she has taught since 1982 and received her PhD in Geology in 1993. Dr. Anizan’s research and publications focus on environmental communication, water resource management, and the ecosystem effects of wet-rice intensification. She teaches courses in geological methods and soil science. Her research currently centers on sustainable designs for flood disaster management.

2. Dr. Kasturi Devi Kanniah is Associate Professor in Geoinformation Science at UTM. Her remote sensing investigations examine changes in terrestrial carbon stock (e.g. mangroves, oil palms tropical forest deforestation) and low-carbon cities, and she is a collaborator with the Malaysia Environmental Performance Index at UTM. Her research has been published in internationally regarded remote sensing and physical geography journals. For 15 years, she has taught courses in remote sensing, GIS, and environmental impact assessment. Dr. Kasturi received her PhD in Geography & Environmental Science from Monash University in 2009 and a M.Phil in GIS and Remote Sensing from Cambridge University. She serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Geoinformatics.

3. Dr. Rasha Sayed is Assistant Professor of Architecture at the October University for Modern Sciences and Arts in Cairo. A Cairo-based architect and designer, her teaching experience includes 5 years as an assistant for design studios and courses and one year of independent teaching on environmental planning. She has published a variety of conference proceedings related to heritage planning and restoration, climate-efficient vernacular buildings, and design interventions against sea level rise in Egypt. Dr. Rasha received her PhD in landscape design and urban planning from Cairo University. Her interests as a scholar would include the global circulation of Malaysian architectural vernacular and cultural heritage, as well as the institutional arrangements governing the country’s major architectural projects.

4. Dr. Felix Olorunfemi is a Senior Research Fellow at the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research in the Dept. of Social and Governance Policy Research. His area of research is on urban environmental problems, particularly infrastructure, greening, waste management, and urban flood mitigation. He received his PhD in Geography from University of Ibadan in 2004. His publications since have focused on the vulnerability of Nigerian cities to flood, fire, and climate change, as well as the role of indigenous knowledge in environmental risk management.

5. Dr. Gulsan Parvin is a Researcher at Kyoto University, in the Environmental Education Lab of the Department of Urban Planning and Engineering. From 2004 to 2010, she was an Associate Professor of Urban Planning at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, and has fifteen years of teaching experience on sustainable community development and disaster risk reduction. Her peer-reviewed publications analyze rural-urban migration, coastal climate resilience, and community development/public participation paradigms in Bangladesh. She received her PhD in Urban Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 2003.

6. Dr. Minal Pathak is Assistant Professor with the planning faculty of CEPT University in Ahmedabad, where she has taught courses and labs in environmental planning, energy policy, and on climate change and cities since 2011. Her areas of research include balancing multi-dimensional sustainability objectives, transportation decarbonization, and low-carbon urban development. She is a co-author of the Earth Institute’s Second Assessment Report on Cities and Climate Change and is a frequent collaborator with international IPCC scientists. Dr. Minal received her PhD in environmental science from Gujarat University in 2007.

7. Dr. Alpano Priyandes is a Lecturer at the Universitas Riau Kepulauan (in English: University of Riau Islands), Indonesia and researcher with MIT-SMART Future Cities Laboratory of Singapore-ETH Zurich. He has taught full-time for one year and has twice held year-long lecturer positions at Trisakti Univeristy in Jakarta. His publications discuss environmental policy implementation and reclamation activities in Indonesia. Dr. Priyandes received his PhD in Environmental Management from the State University of Jakarta in 2014, and an MSc in Planning, Resource and Environmental Management from UTM in 2009.

8. Dr. Sok Serey is a Senior Lecturer at the Royal University of Phnom Penh and holds a visiting research appointment at Central European University in Budapest through July 2016. In 2014, he served as a Visiting Professor at the University of Washington. A geographer by training, Dr. Serey has conducted extensive, Cambodia-based research on agrarian communities’ adaptation to climate risks and participatory co-management of river systems and fisheries. His papers have been published by several international development studies and geography journals, including Migration and Development, the Journal of Asian Public Policy, and the Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography. Dr. Serey completed his PhD in geography at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013.

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