This training program is specially prepared for the training of engineers currently serving the Road, Bridge, Drainage Corporation (RBDC) Khartoum State, Sudan. The RBDC recognises the need for continuous training and up skilling for its technical staff for capacity building, and hence to reduce dependence on outsourcing of outside expertise.

Programs Offered

The five (5) programs for each training session are:

  • GIS Application in Infrastructure 
  • Quality Assurance in Road Construction 
  • Bridges Maintenance 
  • Rating/ Inspection of Bridges 
  • Drainage System Design and Usage of Water Collection 

Besides the teaching/ lectures there will be technical visits to the relevant departments or agencies, and to project and construction sites in the course of the training. Direct observations on sites, reflection and discussion, and work presentation form part of the learning experience as well as trainee assessment.

Program Duration

The program consisting of five (5) separate modules will be conducted in the English Language. Each module will run for the duration of two (2) plus weeks at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia. The program trainers are qualified faculty members/professionals from the related fields of specialization.

Training Benefits


Enhancement of technical knowledge and skills, work methods and technology, practical experience, improvement to quality of manpower resources, and organizational capacity building.

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