Title: Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan Review

Year: 2001/2002

Cost of Project: MYR5.7m

Client: Kuala Lumpur City Hall


The review of KLSP 1984 is being undertaken in the context of preparing the year 2020 Structure Plan for KL as expected under the Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Planning Act. It is a vision driven plan based on the following themes:

•  Kuala Lumpur as an international commercial and financial hub;

•  Kuala Lumpur as a garden tropical city;

•  Kuala Lumpur as a quality living city;

•  Kuala Lumpur as a caring city; and

•  Kuala Lumpur as a smart city.

The plan now serves as the guiding instrument for the long-term development of Kuala Lumpur until the year 2020. The plan is to mandatorily comply in the preparation of the various local plans for the city.

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