Title : Indeks Syariah Malaysia (ISM) : Budaya

Client : Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)

Project Cost : RM90,000.00

Duration : 6 months ending by 31 December 2015

Head of Project: Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Arieff bin Osman

Description :

ISI and Centre of Research for Fiqh Science & Technology - UTM CFirst submitted a proposal to JAKIM to undertake a research to establish ‘Indeks Syariah Malaysia - Budaya’.  Malaysia Syariah Index is an index-developed to measure and assess Malaysia's efforts in achieving the five objectives of Maqasid Al-Syari'ah, namely, in the preservation of religion, life, lineage, intellect and property. 

Study results show that the MSI for the ‘Indeks Syariah Malaysia - Budaya’  sector stood at 68.53. Thus it would be beneficial if the government were to capitalize on the findings and further enhance existing social policies, so that the policies meet the objectives of maqasid syariáh, therefore contributing towards the development of the Muslim Ummah.

The MSI research projects involving cross-discplinary UTM experts, are the initiative of the UTM Centre for Fiqh Research in Science and Technology (CFIRST), with the project grants managed by UTM Institut Sultan Iskandar (ISI).

News & Activities

MoA Signing ceremony was held on 8th September 2015. Read about on MoA Ceremony 

Second workshop was held on 28th September 2015 involving 6 experts. Read 2nd Workshop here

Title: UTM Iconic Building: Proposed Landmark Development for UTM Johor Bahru Campus

Year: 2010

Client: Office of Asset & Development, UTM (PHB)

Cost: MYR0.2m

Status: Completed


Iconic buildings development proposed is the first iconic development in Asia. The aim of this project is to provide a space for student, public and global community to interact and share activities each other. The iconic buildings proposed taken consideration of the potential in terms of return, marketability and viability. The main concept is to make a UTM as a hub not only as an academic institution but also a place for commercial trade area beside emphasize on Islamic philosophy elements. The development of this UTM iconic building based on two options which are the development including hotel and the development without including the hotel.

Title : Expert Review and Feasibility Study for Transformation of AKEPT

Project Cost : RM180,000.00

Duration : Four (4) months, 1st February 2016 to 30th April 2016.

Head of Project: Prof. Dr Mohd Hamdan Hj Ahmad

Description :

This project is to conduct a systematic review of AKEPT as academic leadership training centre in Malaysia that wishes to be financially independent from Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). AKEPT sees the structure of ISI as its possible model thus would like to appoint ISI in making that transformation. The final report has been submitted to AKEPT on 31st May 2016. 

Title: Door House for the Poor

Project CostRM200,000.00 

Leader: Prof Dr Mohd Hamdan Ahmad

Status: Active


The research intends to build a two-bedroom door house prototype as an effort to help the hard-core poor communities.  

As current Malaysia’s housing policy emphasized mainly on the provision of adequate and affordable housing schemes, the current research responses to the urgent need of affordable housing for the hard-core poor and low income people through low cost but comfortable design. 

Emphasis is given more on the comfortability as to provide sustainable shelter and take into account the quality of life of the occupants. Efforts will be devoted to redesign, modified and prototyping the initial model into affordable and comfortable housing as alternative to the current Hard-Core Poor Development Programme (PPRT) house scheme initiated by the government which is small and uncomfortable.  

Better design from the point of view of affordability and comfortability proposed by the current research will encourage the related industries to be involved in the construction and cover the need of the targeted populations which will further lead to sustainable development in Malaysia context.

Title: Development of Malaysian People Satisfaction Index (MPSI)

Project Cost: RM1.6 mil 

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Zuhaimy bin Ismail

Duration: 3 years

Status: Completed


UTM-SRG from Faculty of Science undertakes this research and development project pertaining to  Malaysian People on Satisfaction Index (MPSI) between Yayasan Sumber Maklumat. The research works include simulation studies with regard to the public needs, expectations, wants and satisfaction using scientific and mathematical methods.



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