Project: Belantik Integrated Marine Facilities at Tanjung Chupak, Pasir Gudang

Year: 2010


Client: Bumitrail Engineering Sdn. Bhd.


The proposed site is located at Tanjung Chupak, Pasir Gudang, which located south of the Tanjung Putri Golf Resort and facing The Straits of Johor. At west (Lot PTD 109190) was alienated to Syarikat Sukma Kemajuan dan Perusahaan Sdn Bhd for heavy industry. The land has an area approximately 176 acres. At the moment, the land is overgrown with mangrove trees

After the success of the first phase of the research, ISI has been appointed to undertake Phase 2 of the research, Indeks Syariah Malaysia: Prasarana & Persekitaran. The questionnaire used in phase 1 is being strengthened and soon data collection will commence in February 2017 to kick-start the research.

Indeks Syariah Malaysia is an index developed to measure and assess Malaysia's efforts in achieving the five objectives of Maqasid Al-Syariah, namely, in the preservation of religion, life, lineage, intellect and property. Accordingly, the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) Malaysian Syariah Index in 2017 was held on 29 November 2016 at the Everly Hotel, Putrajaya. The event was officiated by YB Major General Dato 'Seri Jamil Khir Haji Baharom, Minister in the Prime Minister. Also, present Y.Bhg Jakim director-general Tan Sri Dato 'Deputy Director General (Policy) Jakim and Vice Chancellors of Public Universities. 

The research has been successfully completed. The final report has been submitted on 16 July 2017.



Year: 2015

Cost: MYR370,000


The Lembaga Bandaran Johor Tenggara (LBJT) has appointed ISI to undertake the above study, the aim of which is to revitalise Bandar Tenggara. A 5-years action plan as the study final output is a development plan proposal with the supporting policies, strategies and programs to promote for the enhancement of its economic environment, the quality of the urban environment, quality of life and its physical growth.

The project cost of RM370,000.00 requires the preparation submission of four progress reports; inception report; interim report; draft final and Final Reports with the seven months study duration. The Final Report has been submitted on 5th November 2015 and accepted by LBJT. Thus the project is deemed complete.

Year: 2013

Cost: MYR0.4m

Client: Johor Land Berhad


The study on "Bumiputera Property Ownership within Iskandar Malaysia which commenced on 1 July 2013 was jointly undertaken by Institute Sultan Iskandar and Applied Economic Research Group K-economy Research Alliance, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Various aspects are being addressed in the study, the finding could be used in charting strategic action for the Economic Transformation Program (ETP) for the Bumiputera in Johor, particularly with Iskandar Malaysia. 

Two workshops were conducted on 28-29 November and 24 December 2013. The first workshop was officiated YB Datuk Haji Abdul Latif b Haji Bandi, Chairman of the Housing and Local Government Committee Johor. A panel session represented by State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN), Department of Evaluation and Property Service, Bankers, NGOs and Developers had discussed issues on Bumiputera property ownership and affordability housing.

Final Report

Title: Research Project on Hydrodynamic Simulation Within Port Limit of Port of Tanjung Pelepas and Establishment of Johor Port Authority (Tanjung Pelepas) Marine Data Centre (MDC)

Client: Johor Port Authority (JPA)

Project Cost: RM1.4 million

Duration: 18 months ( beginning 1 May 2015)

Status: Completed

Headed by: Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Zamani Ahmad


Johor Port Authority (JPA) has granted RM1.4m to ISI to undertake an 18 months study beginning 1st May 2015 with the following objectives; To perform hydrographic survey within JPA Port Limit Tanjung Pelepas; To develop a simulation model of hydrodynamic conditions of PTP water limit; To simulate pattern of hydrodynamic conditions of PTP water limit including shoreline evolution; To develop the database on hydrodynamic, hydrography and topographical data within PTP water limit.


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