Sustainability in Built Environment I

Sustainability in Built Environment I

ISBN: 978-983-2466-10-9

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr Mohd Hamdan Ahmad

Associate Editors: AP Dr Syed Ahmad Iskandar, Folorunso Clement Oluwole and Reza Hashemi Nik

Format: Book Chapter

Pages: 170

Release Date: December 2012

Binding: Paperback & eBook

Price: MYR80 


The present book comprises of a compilation of papers on sustainable practices in the built environment.These are works by scholars and researchers from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and relate to issues in sustainable architecture in the Malaysian context. The issues raised here primarily relate to energy conservation and building maintenance as the currently more popular topics in sustainable construction practice. However, the work also includes a number of very unique topics ranging from the education of sustainable architecture to the relationship between preservation of biodiversity, carbon sequestration and sustainable construction.

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