Johor bahru, 25 April 2019 - The publication of the MIT-UTM Malaysia Sustainable Cities Program has finally been concluded. The coffee table book titled “A Gift to Sustainability - MIT - UTM Malaysia Sustainable Cities Program” published in April 2019. 

The five-year Malaysia Sustainable Cities Program (MSCP) was a cornerstone for High Impact international collaboration between Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It was an extensive academic network involving participants and institutions from 17 countries as well as more than 15 universities and research centers worldwide.

The program featured the direct involvement of 34 international academic scholars from fields of expertise and discipline as diverse as urban planning and architecture to areas encompassing social sciences, geography, law, economy, and governance. Its key aims were to document, assess and disseminate the impact of sustainable urban development in Malaysia through a unique model of advocacy that suited the collective visions and interests of academic scholars and research communities from MIT-UTM partnership institutions and selected representatives from the Global South. The program was hosted by two inbound centers for reciprocal academic visits; the first was at UTM, Johor with Institut Sultan Iskandar (ISI) as its management secretariat for MSCP, while Science Impact Collaborative in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning was the counterpart in hosting MSCP’s visiting scholars at MIT, Massachusetts. The fact that Malaysia stood as an important backdrop for research and scholarship on issues pertaining sustainability, particularly in the wake of rapid urbanization processes that transpire in cities and regions, speaks volume of the commitment and advances gained by the country in planning, implementing and managing such effort. With these come numerous challenges and problems that lay along the path of a more sustainable future for the country and the world in general. The MSCP served as a collaborative academic and research platform for gathering information and documenting the state and progress of sustainable urban development in the country.

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