Title: Development of Malaysian People Satisfaction Index (MPSI)

Project Cost: RM1.6 mil 

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Zuhaimy bin Ismail

Duration: 3 years

Status: Completed


UTM-SRG from Faculty of Science undertakes this research and development project pertaining to  Malaysian People on Satisfaction Index (MPSI) between Yayasan Sumber Maklumat. The research works include simulation studies with regard to the public needs, expectations, wants and satisfaction using scientific and mathematical methods.


Title: Centre of Excellence towards JKR as a World Class Service Provider

Year: 2013

Cost: MYR1.8m

Status: Completed


Centre of Excellence towards JKR as a World Class Service Provider is a collaborative research between JKR and UTM, with ISI as the project manager. With new challenges to continuously elevate its capacity in delivery and assets management through focus human capital development and appropriate work environment and culture. A collaborative research team comprising of staff from various disciplines from both JKR and ISI-UTM is being set up.

SIA 2015 is a joint international conference co-organized by UTM, Hiroshima University and National University of Singapore.ISI, KALAM and Department of Architecture, UTM is the Secretariat of the conference.The conference was held on 24-26 November 2015 in UTM, Johor Bahru.

The SiA 2015 received total of 138 abstract with 80 papers were accepted and presented by authors. SiA Conference 2015 received total sponsorship of RM50,000.00  from  Nichias Corporation, ISI Ventures Sdn Bhd, YKK Japan and Bluescope Lysaght. Selected papers will be published in Special Edition Jurnal Teknologi indexed by Scopus and result of the papers will be announced on 24th February, 2016.


The ASEAN Community Higher Education programme is intended to empower university leadership through community engagement in collaborations with ASEAN universities. It aims to provide a platform for university leaders to discuss issues on higher education in the ASEAN region. The programme will be conducted through experiental and community based projects for the participants to share their expertise towards developing a sustainable ASEAN community.

The programme was successful conducted in Siam Reap, Cambodia on 27-31st October 2015. The project fund is RM150,000.00 and was funded by AKEPT UNESCA and led by Dr Irina Safitri Zen.

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